Import and Export Wholesaler of consumable and non-consumable products.


    Import and Export Wholesaler of consumable and non-consumable products.


    Import and Export Wholesaler of consumable and non-consumable products.

The Akan Consult PTY LTD is a dynamic Australian Registered Company (July 2014) with the aim of not only dominating the areas in which it operates both in Australia and Africa for wholesale import and export of consumable and non-consumable products, but also becoming a truly leading and a very credible brand. Among other things, the company seeks to create an even platform where rewards and recognition as well as progress are predicated on EXPERIENCE, HARD WORK and RESULTS.


To create an even and very profitable platform where success and hard work are duly recognised and rewarded, and also to strive to be the best or among the best in all fields of operation.


To make life better for our customers and sustain businesses.



AKAN CONSULT PTY LTD is an Australian owned and operated Company providing renewable energy solutions for individuals, small-to-medium enterprises and industries.

Together with a pool of qualified technicians, specialists and manufacturers, we offer custom designed solutions for variety of renewable energy applications. Our direct dealings with manufacturers and producers ensures a ready availability of products at wholesale prices, and of the highest quality for the intended purposes.

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Shea Butter is a plant- based moisturiser found in the Western part of Africa. Extracted from the Karite tree, and rich in vitamins and minerals, it is used as a remedy for a wide range of skin conditions including dry skin, dry or cracked lips, wrinkles, and any dry area of the body.

As a moisturizer and sun screen agent, it stimulates collagen in the skin, rendering it exceedingly nourished and sparkling. Additionally, it is used as an anti-ageing product and last but not the least for treating nappy rash.

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One of the major objectives of Akan Consult is International Student Exchange Programming. The rationale behind this is not just the international exchange for young adults and professionals, but through them the interchange and sharing of ideas, attitudes, mutual respect and understanding or appreciation of different cultures, values, aspirations and languages. It is an opportunity to help build goodwill and understanding among humanity, further tolerance, and facilitate self-knowledge and awareness. But above all, LOTS OF FUN & ADVENTURE.

The adventure and thrill lie in becoming part of a new family, school, and a new community. It is to expose people to other cultures in the best and safest way possible. In some cases, individuals will be placed with selected and screened families while attending school or volunteering in their chosen communities.


At Akan Consult we understand the importance of celebrating those aspects of society that need promoting in a FUN and EXCITEMENT-CHARGED environment.

Thus the events management department is dedicated to the effective coordination and successful execution of such events as:


In this pursuit, our main preoccupation is about CREATING and MAKING AN IMPRESSION. Impressions that will last a long time.
These events are designed to constitute an invaluable source of information that can be utilized in a number of social processes such as fact finding and decision making. But above all, they are designed to be AMUSING and ENTERTAINING.

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