Shea Butter is a plant- based moisturiser found in the Western part of Africa. Extracted from the Karite tree, and rich in vitamins and minerals, it is used as a remedy for a wide range of skin conditions including dry skin, dry or cracked lips, wrinkles, and any dry area of the body.

As a moisturizer and sun screen agent, it stimulates collagen in the skin, rendering it exceedingly nourished and sparkling. Additionally, it is used as an anti-ageing product and last but not the least for treating nappy rash.

Hand harvested in the Northern part of Ghana, Shea Butter is very rich in vitamins A, E, and F.
Akan Consult Pty Ltd in collaboration with some reputable social organisations in Ghana is happy to import this highly recognised and yet very underutilised skin product into Australia.


  • Moisturiser- Remedy for dry skin

  • Soothing Agent- Anti-inflammatory product due to its cinamic acid as well as other properties.

  • Skin smoothing- Shea Butter contains palmitic, stearic, and aloeic acids that prevent skin drying whilst protecting and nourishing the skin.


  • Moisturiser

  • Under eye wrinkle remover

  • Stretch marks remedy

  • Body lotion

  • Used on scars to naturally help collagen production

  • For baby nappy rash

It is important to note that Shea Butter is for external use only. Any other usage should be at the recommendation of a dermatologist. And those with allergies are advised to check with an allergist before using.

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